Hand Woven Coasters
Hand Woven Coasters

Azizi Life, Rwanda

Hand Woven Coasters


I spent the day with four lovely ladies learning their indigenous weaving craft.  Wow, I have a whole new respect for the time and effort that goes into making these products.

These coasters are made with incredible, tedious weaving skills from the local sisal plant of Rwanda. First the flesh is stripped from the cut stalk, the fibers are meticulously extracted, then dried, dyed and finally woven to perfection.

I know you've been asking yourself how you've survived without them for so long?  I know I know, I should've brought them to you sooner.  

Let's help these Rwandans thrive, assisting them in rising up from the unimaginable tragedies they've endured.

Set of four included in one order.

(Please allow 3 days to process and ship this product)