It Started Here

Conscious Creations started while I was traveling in Africa when I ran across a non-profit organization that employs Tanzanians with disabilities to make all sorts of cool crafty products.  
I had the idea for a mandala bag months earlier when I was in Brazil, but being on the road traveling wasn't really conducive to sewing; I just couldn't fit my sewing machine in my big backpack, sigh.
When the stars serendipitously aligned bringing me to this unique workshop in small-town Tanzania, I knew these were the people I wanted to work with.  I took a tour of their workshop and bing, bang, boom, the first Conscious Creation mandala bag was born. Fast-forward and I'm visiting another organization in Rwanda, then in Thailand - the idea started taking on a life of its own.  
Each product is hand selected by me and I'll often be involved with the design of the product, like with the mandala bags, but this won't always be feasible.  Either way, I only work with organizations I've personally spent time with and I meet many of the artisans to ensure the products are of high quality and that they are indeed being hand crafted by those with special needs. I'll also be making products myself in which case I'll donate a portion of the profits to a non-profit organization, so check out Eryn's Collection for my own conscious creations.  In case you’re wondering, I define special needs as someone with a physical or mental handicap, those living in extreme poverty and women trying to escape abuse or the sex industry.  
So when you purchase a Conscious Creation you're getting unique, handmade, high quality products and supporting a group of people who are working to overcome extreme life circumstances.    
Cool Stuff + Good Karma = Conscious Creation
Oh go on, you know you want to.
Products are in limited quantities and I likely won't be able to get additional stock once I've run out, so if you see something you like, don't wait too long, it may be gone!
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Thanks for visiting Conscious Creations!  With your help, we really can make a difference, changing the world one conscious creation at a time.