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Cool Stuff + Good Karma = Conscious Creation
This is a mission based business with several platforms for helping people.  There are avenues for helping others with challenging life circumstances by purchasing one of my conscious creations, but there are also ways to help yourself - and we all need a little help and inspiration in this crazy world today, am I right?
Let's begin with helping others.  At Conscious Creations, social change and awareness are the primary focus with production times and profits having less significance.  It's more about the people making the products and the stories of their lives rather than the products themselves.  I call it story shopping.
The goal is to connect people in need with a global marketplace so they can sustain themselves. When you purchase a conscious creation you're not helping a corporate mogul buy a second home, you're helping to ensure young girls aren't sold into sex slavery, that genocide survivors can sell their indigenous crafts to support their families and providing dignity and hope for people with disabilities that previously relied on street begging.  I know we can't save the world, but if we make concerted efforts to be part of the solution (instead of the problem), we really can make a difference in someone's life.
Check out all the collections and see what stories or countries resonate with you most.  Maybe you'll find a conscious creation you never knew you needed or the perfect gift for someone in your life with a humanitarian heart.  And you can feel good about your purchase because you'll be helping people who have endured challenges most of us cannot imagine.
It's a win win for everyone!
Cool Stuff + Good Karma = Conscious Creation
Are you with me?

And now for the Conscious Creations that may inspire you. My book, Facing Freedom will be released in the first quarter of 2017; in it I share my experiences of emotional healing and personal expansion as I traversed the globe, 21 countries across two + years.  It was life changing and profoundly humbling to immerse myself in other cultures and it brought about personal evolution I couldn't have imagined.  It is my sincere hope that the book will inspire and motivate you to live an authentic, meaningful life to your highest potential.  You can read more about that on my Facing Freedom page.

The goal of my trip was to figure out how I'd lost my way and return to my highest self.  I started my quest residing in an Indian ashram and hoped the path would reveal itself.  As I moved along, I studied extensively anything I felt would benefit my ascension, including eastern philosophy, meditation, yoga, spirituality, the nature of the mind, psychology, mindfulness and tantra.  I wasn't sitting on a beach sipping mai tai's, I was working on the most significant project of my life - myself.  In short, I realized if I didn't arrest my patterns, making diligent efforts to identify the source of the void within, I'd continue to be plagued with depression, general malaise, discontent and I'd make the same mistakes over and over again, filling the void with external sources.  Finding a path back to my true self was an immense gift and I am eternally grateful for the journey of re-becoming.  

I know not everyone has the opportunity to step away from their life, but there are plenty of concepts and practices I can share that can be implemented in your life that will aid in your own return to self. After all, you are the most important conscious creation because if you're not living a fulfilling life of contentment and purpose you can't really be of benefit to others.  If you feel it would be beneficial to have one on one personal motivation, guidance and accountability in navigating the path of rediscovery, let's connect for life enhancement coaching.  Read more about that on my Wellness page. I found the me I always wanted to be, let's find the you, you always wanted to be.  Together we can work to bring meaning and abundance into your life. 

Thought + Action = Effect
Are you with me?

Anything you do to support Conscious Creations is helping me be the best version of myself.  The first 16 years of adult life I spent in the construction industry and although it was rewarding on many levels, I always felt I'd do my best work in some form of creative endeavor and utilizing my empathic qualities.  So this is me taking a chance and trusting my intuition; working to help others but also making the conscious choice to walk my own path of authenticity.  

Thanks for being a part of Conscious Creations and for helping to create a paradigm shift in the world.  Let's do this!

Chief Visionary Officer